Sunday, July 8, 2012

Fundamentalist’s Beliefs And Science

We examine here the question whether it is possible to reconcile the belief by some Christians that the creation of Adam and Eve, our first parents, occurred some 6,000 years ago, whereas many scientists show that numerous life forms already existed 3.5 billion years ago and homininae existed around 5 million years ago.
If a reconciliation is possible, then both statements must be true.
It is generally assumed that Adam and Eve were conscious beings experiencing full subjectivity like us. However if all their predecessors were not conscious beings, then there is no conflict between the two views. Adam and Eve are the first conscious beings.
Consciousness has not been shown to be necessary for evolution of life, nor has its purpose been explained by evolution. If we believe, as I show in my book, that consciousness and all our subjective experiences are proof of our non-material nature, the existence of our soul, then we should be able to accept the possibility that the bible story describes a simplistic picture of the start of conscious beings on earth, although I do not mean to imply that I believe in the reality of such a possibility.

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